Lego Creation

The iconic company has been an object of much of my time and I have created several objects as a result.

legosFirst some background. I have been enamored with Legos all growing up. I was addicted to getting the next cool Lego set to add to my always growing collection. I was always building things and playing with the Lego figurines as a kid While at some point before middle school I grew out of building my own Lego creations, in my adult life I have found room for some useful items. Some of my own and others made as gifts. To give you an idea of the level of Lego fandom I was at, I have a giant overflowing tub of Legos followed by several medium sized tubs. not to mention a couple smaller organizer drawers. It has been an accumulation of garage sale bought Legos and being the only toy I wanted for most of my youth. 

I will document the past, current, and possible future Lego creations that I have designed.


Make it Better Ship

To the right is a ship I built in 2013 for fun while working on something else. My brother, also a Lego builder as a kid, got interested and became a very nostalgic afternoon. We wanted to constantly Make It Better.