Full About Me

The Story So Far

headshot-smileMy name is Eli Davis I was born in Burton, Michigan and soon after moved to Fenton, Michigan. I am currently in the Lansing, Michigan area and have been since 2018. After earning my Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology from Eastern Michigan University on April 26, 2015 I have found a career as an Application Developer for the Supreme Court of Michigan. Computers have been an area of interest for me throughout my life and will continue to be my greatest fascination

Early Life, Childhood, and High School

As early as I was able to I was able to I have had an interest in computers and the internet. I was about 5 years old when I was first introduced to computers in the form of games and would hog the family computer so much so that when my parent were able to get an upgrade I was allowed to be handed down the old family computer. I began to play the primitive games that were popular in the mid 90s. I played games from the early internet, software included with cereal boxes, begging my parents to order that new game from the book order, and trips to best buy to try and convince my dad to get the cool game I wanted. This transitioned into an early understanding of how computers function and useful tools. My science fair project in 6th grade was How a computer works.

Other major parts of my early life include AYSO soccer and Boy Scouts of America. I was involved with AYSO soccer my entire childhood I have been playing soccer ever since I was able to kick a ball. Although I did not continue onto high school but enjoyed the time I had involved in the program. I joined the Boy Scouts of America in 1st Grade and was involved in most activities all through grade school, middle school, and high school. These included many weekend trips outdoors and summer merit badge getaways. I advanced through the ranks and earned Eagle Scout in 2006. My project involved collecting and organizing supplies for a local organization in Fenton, MI called the Adopt-a-Pet.

I proceeded to attend Fenton High School. Through high school, I had a brief year on the Fenton Track team and also was involved in the art program. While Fenton did not offer any computer literacy or programming classes they did offer classes such as: Computer Aided Design classes and Business Services Technology which helped seed the idea of what I might turn into a career. The courses were not in depth but were detail oriented something I seemed to have a knack for.

Beyond High School and Mott Community College

I decided to attend Mott Community College in Flint, MI because it was affordable, close to home and I could commute from my parent's house.

Shortly before the summer after high school was over, I got a job at a restaurant cafe, Panera Bread, in Fenton, MI. I was hired in as a dishwasher and over the course of 2 years worked my way into being trained in every area and a short time after that got promoted to Associate Trainer. I owe much of my current work ethic to this job at Panera. I had tasks such as taught and coached new employees, handled routine sales, contributed to opening and closing the store, provided fast and quick service, collaborated as a team in production and sales. Accomplishments at this position include: promoted to Associate Trainer, trained in every possible position, served time as manager, built satisfied customer relationships

The most important courses I took at Mott was my first programming class. It was called Intro to Programming and was based in Python. It immediately sparked my interest in programming as a whole and I soon after found my focus in my Education and Career goals. This class led to a couple other computer related courses at Mott: Intro to Web Development and Electrical Circuits. At that point I knew I wanted to continue my studies at a 4 year college with a renewed focus on Computer/Electrical Engineering.

Eastern Michigan University

I choose to attend Eastern Michigan University after considering several different universities. They had a degree in Electrical Engineering Technology which focuses mostly on the hardware and electrical side of computers with few programming courses involved. I opted for the similar degree called Computer Engineering Technology because of the variety of both hardware and software courses. This way I could gain a very good understanding of both electrical and programming skills associated with engineering.

In my 3 years and 8 months at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) I learned many different types of Languages and skills but more importantly I learned how to understand the way something works and run with it. I also began to become involved with the student group Institute of Electrical and Electric Engineers (IEEE) at EMU. I joined in September 2012 and became an officer in September 2014. This broadened my horizons to a whole world of like-minded professionals. I am able to continue to have a connection through IEEE that will likely last a lifetime.

After my first semester, I found a part-time job on campus as a Student Web Developer that I held throughout my time at the university. I learned a lot through this opportunity and became more professional throughout my time in the office. I had tasks such as pioneering a newly placed content management system, initiating control of websites and content, building the website's design, developing dynamic content from static pages. A few of the accomplishments I earned are authorized decisions directly with clients, influenced problem solving solutions, produced results on a deadline, and established long lasting relationships in an office environment.

My studies involved programming language use that include: Java, C++, Matlab, PHP, MySQL, C, NoSQL, Java Spring Tools, and R. Topics specifically related to electronics include: analog circuits, digital circuits, motors and controls, circuit design, embedded systems, programmable logic controller, and microprocessors. Some of the notable class topics include: computer repair, system administration, information security, computer networking, computer aided design, unmanned airborne vehicles, and security administration. I also find enjoyment in documenting and reflecting my actions and things I've done professionally, personally, and academically. I found this through several classes I took throughout my time as an undergraduate with topics that include: composition, technical writing, creative writing, engineering communication, and business creation. My attention to detail in programming, electronics, and communication are essential skills that I realized will continue to be important throughout my career.

I completed my Bachelors of Science in Computer Engineering Technology at Eastern Michigan University on April 26, 2015.